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viventura screen design
Using culturally targeted design modification, how can a European focused travel site improve US American engagement, and lead to more sales to this market?

My Role: •Screen Redesign •A/B Test Prep for Optimizely


  • Underlying Content Management System and Template cannot change
  • Design changes only happen on the start page
1. Analysis
viventura analysis

Design Analysis

  • A visual analysis is performed and highlights various problems with visual elements
  • A technical analysis shows that many points which work well in German markets, negatively influence typical US American visitors

Key Insights:

  • The target consumer enjoys complexity but with the ability to reduce the experience into quick pieces of information
  • In general, target consumer moves quicker through materials
  • The target consumer wants to believe they are the expert and have control over the details
2. Landing Page Visual Design
viventura screen design

Based on the cultural analysis, reorganization of text and a new information hierarchy defines a new page shape. The designs still fit within the limits of the Content Management Template, but offer a new route of engagement.

3. A/B Testing

The designs run through A/B testing using Optimizely, for 30 days.

4. The Results

The screen design leads to major improvements within the US market.

  • Overall user engagement up 12%
  • 50% more quality visitors
  • Significant drop in bounce rates

Lessons Learned:

  • Small cultural differences make a huge difference
  • Even sites that cannot change their underlying technologies should improve what is possible
  • A/B testing is worth the effort

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