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My Role: •User Experience Design •Web-Design •Programming •SEO •Newsletter Campaign Design and Management

1. The Challenge

Develop a complete rebrand beginning in the third quarter of 2012 which includes everything from a new identity, name, store design, and online presence.

Initial online task set is broken into two parts:

  • Develop the new online brand along side the physical branding
  • Develop an online presence that boosts store sales


  • Ability to get into the design process from day one
  • A loyal customer base due to the previous identity, likely to transfer to the new store
  • The store introduced in demand, yet undeveloped labels, and could leverage the supply to demand ratio to boost online presence

Initial Analysis:

The new store identity should speak first to the local market and be flexible enough to draw an international appeal. The new name and identity, though designed for the German market, could rise in value by using English terminology. The web presence should reinforce the shopping experience by:

  • Informing regular customers
  • Build a nationwide presence
2. Build the Site Architecture
format fashion site-map format fashion structure
3. Integrate the Visual Design

Site Integration

Teaming directly with graphic designer Luise Gnizak, the visual identity easily integrates with the structural design. The brand pages are easily changed based on seasonal collection updates.

format fashion final
5. Testing, Email Marketing, Content Management
format fashion email campaign

The final product is completely responsive and accomplished the goals set forth in the initial plan. The content is updated semi-annually as the new collections arrive. An email campaign is designed for customer retention, and regularly delivers sales. The email campaign is very successful and the average open rate 4x the industry average.

The lessons learned:

  • It is never too early in a project to begin designing the user experience
  • Small and communicative teams can cover lots of ground
  • No project is ever completely finished

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